Awards Banquet 2017

The Awards Banquet that will be held at Bayonet Blackhorse Golf Club on February 3rd now has over 100 people signed up to attend. This is by far the most we have ever had at our annual banquet.

As usual we will have various awards to hand out to the best in our Section.









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Remnant of
the  Past


MBS Treasures Report 7.23.16

Just in case members were wondering about our Annual Golf Tournament, it will not be held this year. We need to find a member willing to take the lead and be committee chair for next year, find a golf course and be willing to reach out to vendors and members to participate in the tournament. if you are interested please contact me at

MBS Treasures Report 7.23.16

Next Thursday July 28th there will be a BBQ at Scotts Valley Treatment Plant to celebrate their award winning small plant of the year for Monterey Bay Section.

Start time is 1700 and please RSVP Michael Reilly at; or at;

The BBQ will be catered by Scotts valley Treatment Plant cost to be $30.00 with students at $5.00

CWEA AC 16 Treasurers Report

I know it is a little over a month since AC16, but i wanted to bring you up to date as to what two of three of our members were either elected or appointed to. Lets start with one of our previous Presidents, Daryl Lauer who has taken on the job as Vice Chair of the CWEA Collections Committee with Lenny Rather as Chair [ there will be the Annual Summer meeting and future information at Moro Bay at the end of July] [;%5D
Another new member Ralf Stevens has been elected as Chair of the O&M Committee, he has taken on the job which involves vetting and recomendations to some of the annual wards CWEA gives out. He will have a busy time this year making the decision as to who will be the best in CWEA.
Joe Gregory has also become a member of the safety committee.
It is great to see these people stand up and volunteer for these assignments and they all work for Carmel Area Sewer District.
Congratulations to all three. .