Coming Soon: New & Improved Website

We are working hard on developing a new website that will have much more information, such as:

  • Contact Information for the current Board of Directors
  • Membership Information: How to Become a Member, etc.
  • Local Section Calendar and Links to the State CWEA Calendar
  • Annual Award Information
  • Information about the Various Facilities in our Section
  • Various Documents: Local Section By-Laws, Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas, etc.
  • Photo Gallery

Bear with us as we complete these website upgrades, in the mean time check out our Facebook page 

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for training topics email us at

Two Free Trainings in March!

March 22, 2017: 1430-1830 at The Carmel Area Wastewater District 

We will be holding a free training taught by the CAWD local representative from Belzona.  The training will cover the various application of Belzona’s encapsulates and safe work practices for pressure vessels.

March 29, 2017: 1430-1830 at The Carmel Area Wastewater District 

This free class will be taught by the CAWD local representative from Appleton Inc. and will feature various electrical equipment and fixtures designed to operate in hazardous or possibly explosive environments and current electrical code.

Contact the CWEA-MBS Board at for more information and to RSPV!

What’s In Store For 2017…



Thank you for participating in electing the 2017 CWEA-MBS Board of Directors.
Your representatives are:

President–Tram Nguyen
Vice President–Amanda Bird
Secretary–Troy Adams
Treasurer–Michael Reilly
Directors–Daryl Lauer, Brad Stoke and Justin Ferron
Lab Committee Chair–Kati King
TCP Committee Chair–Bud Galipeaux
Safety Committee Chair–Joseph Gregory
Historian–Daryl Lauer

This year we will be working on some much needed updates. This will include further development of our Social Media presence (check out our new Facebook Page!), improvements to our communication with our members, creating more social events, improve connection and collaboration with other local sections, continuing to provide training programs, as well as beginning a  Students & Young Professional Committee.

We will be utilizing MailChimp to deliver event flyers and quarterly newsletters from our local section President.  Events will also be announced on our Facebook Page.  Please feel free to share that page with others in our industry, utilize the sign-up links to join our mailing list.

Photos from our events will also be shared on the Facebook Page, keep an eye out for yourselves!  At the 2016 Annual Awards Banquet we had placed 14 disposable cameras on the tables for you all to memorialize the event in candid photos, soon to be uploaded to Facebook.  However, we are missing two of our cameras.  We appreciate all your help to recover these lost memories of our event.

Awards Banquet 2017

The Awards Banquet that will be held at Bayonet Blackhorse Golf Club on February 3rd now has over 100 people signed up to attend. This is by far the most we have ever had at our annual banquet.

As usual we will have various awards to hand out to the best in our Section.









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Remnant of
the  Past


MBS Treasures Report 7.23.16

Just in case members were wondering about our Annual Golf Tournament, it will not be held this year. We need to find a member willing to take the lead and be committee chair for next year, find a golf course and be willing to reach out to vendors and members to participate in the tournament. if you are interested please contact me at

MBS Treasures Report 7.23.16

Next Thursday July 28th there will be a BBQ at Scotts Valley Treatment Plant to celebrate their award winning small plant of the year for Monterey Bay Section.

Start time is 1700 and please RSVP Michael Reilly at; or at;

The BBQ will be catered by Scotts valley Treatment Plant cost to be $30.00 with students at $5.00