june 2012 newsletter

Monterey Bay Section Newsletter

Rachél Lather and Michael Reilly attended the WEF Collections Conference in St Louis June 3 through the 6th and presented a paper on Leasons Learned on Implementing SCADA. (We will also be presenting a similar paper at the Northern Regional Conference in Modesto September 12th through 14th).

The conference theme was on emerging Green Technology and Infiltration of Sewer Systems. We attended some excellent presentations, especially from Logan R . Olds, General Manager of the Victor Valley Wastewater, on a major sewer spill caused by an excessive rain storm and flash flood in the Mojave River, involving every major agency to by- pass pump and repair the damage.

Michael also attended the Collection Committee meeting which mainly centered on lateral infiltration and methods to fix the problem and getting help from the EPA to accomplish this task as most agencies do not have jurisdiction over the inspection and repair of these laterals.

The following people received honorable mention awards in their individual categories at AC2012 in Sacramento:

P3S Amy Gross, Electrical Instrumentation Randy Doering, Mechanical Technician John Seifert, Collections Daryl Lauer, Laboratory Jesus Luna, Engineering Achievement John Swenson, Supervisor Michael Reilly.

Plants of the Year also received honorable mention awards at AC2012.  Small went to Scotts Valley, medium to OMI Gilroy and large to Monterey Regional.


At the May 17th Dinner Meeting the following was presented by Jeff Hartley

Plant Safety: Elements of SB198 – Illness & Injury Prevention Plan

This training session included an overview of the following items:

Confined Spaces

Respiratory Protection Program

Review of Overlapping Regulations:

Business Plan




Lab Hygiene Plan

MSDS Management

Other Assorted Safety Regulations & Plans:


Violence in the Workplace



Overhead Hoists & Sling

Right to Know (Community & Employee)

It was well attended by over 30 members and Jeff gave an exceptional session.

NOTE: if anyone who attended did not receive a Contact Hour certificate please email Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com with your name and address.

Our June 21, 2012 Dinner meeting will be a presentation of Chemical Grout for Wastewater and Water Facilities Restoration.

This training session will be presented by Jeff Hughes of the A Hughes Construction Company and will describe conditions of existing sanitary sewer systems, including delaminating manholes and ground water infiltration, that can be repaired by use of new chemical grouts. His presentation will include case histories of the use of these new state of the art green cement technology products, descriptions of these new products and a thorough question and answer period.

This training and dinner meeting will be held at Seascape Golf Club.

Please contact Mike Freitas at fr8tus@aol.com or Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com to RSVP.



The “Plant of the Year Tour” and BBQ will be held at Monterey Regional Treatment Plant July 11th 2012 Starting at 5.00 PM. I hope as many of you can attend to see this award winning plant.

Please contact Mike Freitas at fr8tus@aol.com or Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com to RSVP

The Annual Golf Tournament will be held at the Salinas Golf and Country Club Golf Course on Saturday, September 22nd with a shotgun start at 1:00 pm with the dinner to follow. There will be prizes for “longest drive,” and “closest to the pin.” Awards: first, second, third place, longest drive, closest to the pin and dead arse last trophies awarded. Plus door prizes compliments of?

The Northern Regional Conference this year will be again at Modesto on September 12thto 15th. For more information go to the CWEA Calendar.

Finally, I would like to thank Terry Newman of Gavilan College, Ed Waggoner and Jeff Hartley for their efforts in getting classes established at Gavilan College.. Both these members have gone way beyond the call to get these classes going and we should all thank them for their tireless efforts.

We have SewerRat T Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts available for the following donation amounts: Tank Top for $10.00, T Shirts for $20.00, Sweatshirts Crew for $22.00 and Hooded Sweat Shirts for $25.00.

Contact Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com or (831) 251-0563 for more information.

As a reminder Rachél Lather as Past President has set a tentative deadline of September 30th to submit your recommendations for the awards for 2012. Applications for each discipline can be found on CWEA’s web site.

Rachèl Lather

Past President

Monterey Bay Section Officers For 2012

President: Michael Freitas                     fr8tus@aol.com

Vice President: Brenda Miles                 brenda.miles@ch2m.com;

Treasurer: Michael Reilly                      sewerat10@aol.com;

Secretary: Jackie Mc Cloud            jackie.mccloud@cityofwatsonville.org;

Director: Martha Shedden                     dpw166@co.santa-cruz.ca.us;

Director: Bradley Stoke                        Bradley.stoke@cityofwatsonville.org;

Director:  Patrice Parsons                     Patrice@mrwpca.com;

Past President: Rachel Lather                dpw139@co.santa-cruz.ca.us;

Monterey Bay Section

2012Committee Chairs

Newsletter: Michael Reilly                     sewerat10@aol.com

Newsletter Editor: Rachél Lather        dpw139@co.santa-cruz.ca.us;

NRC Delégate: Brenda Miles                    brenda.miles@ch2m.com;

NRC Delégate: Michael Freitas                fr8tus@aol.com;

NRC Delegate (Alternate) Michael Reilly   sewerat10@aol.com;

Public Outreach: Karen Harris            karenh@mrwpca.com;

P3S: Amy Gross                                         dpw115@co.santa-cruz.ca.us;

Laboratory: Barbara Pierson               Barbara.pierson@cityofwatsonville.org;

Patrice Parsons                         Patrice@mrwpca.com;

Collections: Daryl Lauer                         lauer@cawd.org;

Michael Reilly                          sewerat10@aol.com;

TCP: Michael Reilly                                   sewerat10@aol.com;

Operator Training: ED Waggoner      ed.waggoner@cityofsoledad.com;

CO Chair:                   Jeff Hartley           Jeff.hartley@ch2m.com;

Safety: Jeff Hartley:                                  Jeff.hartley@ch2m.com;

We have the following vacancies for Committee Chairs

Laboratory, Maintenance, History, and Engineering Research.

If anyone would like to volunteer please contact Michael Freitas.











Monterey   Bay Section

California Water Environment



California Water Environment Association


Background Info

The CWEA is a state level non-profit organization dedicated to the educational development of its members and dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the wastewater/water environment industry. The CWEA provides opportunities for professional growth through industry conferences, certifications, and legislation: it joins other professional associations, and recognizes professional accomplishment through awards for distinguished service. The CWEA is divided into 16 local sections to make administration and organization of the state more manageable. This allows for improved sharing and passing of information to local industry and communities.

Currently, the Monterey Bay Section of the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) is soliciting prospective members and others that may be interested in becoming members of the local section (MBS).

.Monterey Bay Section & Newsletter

The Monterey bay section (MBS) comprises one of the 17 local sections of the CWEA. The section covers a regional area encompassing Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito counties, plus the portion of Santa Clara County south of Coyote. The mission statement of the MBS is “to enhance the education and technology to protect the quality of our water resources and to promote the ecological balance with the environment’s other resources such as land and air.” The MBS accomplishes this goal through two main avenues. Regularly scheduled meetings (6/year) every other month between members within the section boundaries, and through publication of a newsletter.

By supporting our organization through membership, the MBS can provide you access to a large constituent base and wide regional area along with important state and local information, which shapes the wastewater industry. Included in the Newsletter are MBS meeting announcements. Each meeting features a guest speaker on varied topics of concern to the wastewater industry.

We look forward to hearing from you –
Monterey Bay Section—CWEA

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