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Monterey Bay Section Sewer Rat Scramble Golf Tournament was held on August 23rd at The Club at Crazy Horse ranch in Salinas. We had 60 participants and all had a great time.

The winners were Abrams, Abrams, Rosa and Martinez of Tesco. Second place went to Pedragon, Rubacalua, Castaneda and Spare player from CM2Hill, Third place went to Southern Wine and Sprites with Mejia, Chappell Contreras and Benivedaz.

Dead Ares Last was won by Darrel Varni Electric. With his wife and two daughters. Longest Drive was won by J.R. Hernández, Closest to the Hole #16 was Brad Kyle and at #2 Eric Contreras.

The winners received trophy and first place received a Sewerat Rat Poster.

Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to playing next year?

Michael Reilly

MBS Treasurer and Golf Chair.

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