Monterey Bay Section Officers and Committee Chair’s for 2014

                                            Monterey Bay Section Officers For 2014

President: Jackie McCloud;

    Vice President: Sarah McBee

Treasurer: Michael Reilly    ;

Secretary: Amanda Bird     ;

Director: Bradley Stoke,

Director:  Akin Babatola       ;

Director: Rachel Lather       ;

Director: Daryl Lauer          ;

Director:Tram Nguyen   ;

Director:Bud Galipeaux;TCP Chair;

Past President: Michael Freitas      ;

                Monterey Bay Section 2014Committee Chairs

Newsletter: Michael Reilly      

Newsletter Editor: Rachél Lather;

NRC Delégate:Jackie McCloud;

NRC Delégate: Sarah McBee,

NRC Delegate At Large: Michael Reilly;

P3S: Akin Babatola     ;

Collections: Rachel Lather;

Collections: Daryl Lauer          ;

TCP:Bud Galipeaux          ;

Operator Training: Ed Waggoner;

Safety: Jeff Hartley               ;

History: Michael Reilly           ;

History: Jeff Hartley              ;

We have the following vacancies for Committee Chairs

Engineering Research, Operations & Maintenance, Public Outreach, Laboratory  & Students and Young Professionals

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