September Newsletter

Monterey Bay Section Newsletter


Hello fellow CWEA-MBS Members!

Did you know our section includes: Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, San Benito County and part of Santa Clara County (Gilroy, San Martin and Morgan Hill)?  Our section area is larger than the Big Island of Hawaii!

With this in mind, my goal as your President this year is to hold interdisciplinary trainings throughout our section area.  Our trainings are meant to help members gain knowledge and contact hours for our certificates (because do you REALLY want to have to retake your certification exam?).   The Board is still finalizing the training calendar.

What we need, and would like, in the upcoming months is more input from YOU–our fellow members.  On the Board we try to think of topics (and locations) that would interest or benefit our section but are happy to have help from members!  We work in a groundbreaking industry and have a great opportunity through CWEA to learn from each other during our training events.  Or if you want to have more input we can always use more volunteers on the Board!  Especially since one of our Board members now serves at the State level (Michael Reilly, TCP Chair).

Thank you for giving me this chance to lead our section this year.  I hope that we can continue in the style of the Annual Conference 2014 in Santa Clara which was “Training+Innovation=Excellence.”  Please feel free to contact me or any of my fellow Board members with suggestions and concerns.  We want to hear from YOU more so we can serve YOU better!

Jackie McCloud

CWEA-MBS, President

Santa Cruz’s winning plant was one of the tours at AC 2014 along with the County of Santa Cruz D A Porath pump station at Lode Street. This tour was well attended, and I (Michael Reilly) received a lot of great feedback from those who were on the tour.

Nominations for this year’s awards to our immediate Past President, Michael Freitas at  These are due in the first week of October so we strongly encourage you to submit applications for all disciplines that CWEA offers.  You can find the application and list of awards at

If you need help please contact Michael Reilly at; and he will try to help you.

Monterey Bay Section Sewerat Scramble Golf Tournament was held at the Club at Crazy Horse Ranch on August 23rd 2014. We had 60 participants and all had a great time.

The winners were Abrams, Abrams, Rosa and Martinez of Tesco. Second place went to Pedragon, Rubacalua and Castenada and Spare player from CM2Hill. Third place was Southern Wine and Spirits, Jay Mejia, Chappell, Contreras and Benivedaz.

Last Place (Dead Arse Last) was Darrel Varni, his wife and two daughters.

Longest Drive was won by J.R. Hernandez. Closest to the hole#16 was Brad Kyle and #2 was Eric Contreras.

Along with the trophy for first place were Sewerat Posters which are always well accepted and prized.

Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to playing next year?

I would like to thank our President Jackie McClould and V. President Sarah Mc Bee for their help and Doug Patterson for arranging the golf course, plus the Pro Shop for setting things up for the tournament.

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