Just a few updates from the CWEA Annual Convention.

Our Section has become more involved with CWEA Committee’s with Dary Lauer taking on the responsibility of being Vice Chair of the Collections committee and will be Chair in 2 years.

Ralph Stevens from CAWD is a new member and has volunteered to be Chairman of the O&M Committee. In case you don’t know it but this small committee has a large job in the awards system awards. some of which are going to be revamped in the coming years. [ I hope that the Mechcanical Technition application is one of them]

Akin Babatola, myself [Michael Reilly] and the NRC secretary Rachel lather attended the joint NRC/SRC Committee meeting. and as usual like the past 5 years the raising of Local Section dues came up, with a few sections wanting to raise the dues by as little as 50 cents. But like every other vote the larger sections voted not to raise them. so all the small sections are stuck with what we have for another year.

Just think if we raised it by one dollar we could donate mor to the Kirt Brooks Scholarship. one section donated nearly as much as we have in the bank and twice what our budget is.

Which at the present time is OK. and I am looking forward to see what our new President Akin and his Vice President Tram, come up with this year for training.

Plant of the year BBQ will be held at Scotts valley Treatment plant [Date to be set at the next Board Meeting.

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