What’s In Store For 2017…



Thank you for participating in electing the 2017 CWEA-MBS Board of Directors.
Your representatives are:

President–Tram Nguyen
Vice President–Amanda Bird
Secretary–Troy Adams
Treasurer–Michael Reilly
Directors–Daryl Lauer, Brad Stoke and Justin Ferron
Lab Committee Chair–Kati King
TCP Committee Chair–Bud Galipeaux
Safety Committee Chair–Joseph Gregory
Historian–Daryl Lauer

This year we will be working on some much needed updates. This will include further development of our Social Media presence (check out our new Facebook Page!), improvements to our communication with our members, creating more social events, improve connection and collaboration with other local sections, continuing to provide training programs, as well as beginning a  Students & Young Professional Committee.

We will be utilizing MailChimp to deliver event flyers and quarterly newsletters from our local section President.  Events will also be announced on our Facebook Page.  Please feel free to share that page with others in our industry, utilize the sign-up links to join our mailing list.

Photos from our events will also be shared on the Facebook Page, keep an eye out for yourselves!  At the 2016 Annual Awards Banquet we had placed 14 disposable cameras on the tables for you all to memorialize the event in candid photos, soon to be uploaded to Facebook.  However, we are missing two of our cameras.  We appreciate all your help to recover these lost memories of our event.

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