Old Newsletter from January 1975

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by “The Bug”

Ethnic jokes are not easily told these days so we had to change things around a little: “Did you hear about the engineer’s wife who couldn’t nurse her baby? She couldn’t figure out how to boil the nipples!”

Sorry engineers, but we had to use someone.

Now, you might wonder why we started out with a little humor. Well, we have been visiting some of the treatment plants throughout the Monterey Bay area, and we find a lot of sour faces and unhappy people.

If a plant operator is not fighting with the Board, as to how to operate; or arguing with some eco-freak as to why he is not saving all of the good materials that come down the line, or that he is a big polluter and should be run out of town; or arguing with the finance officer, as to why everything is so expensive and not staying within the yearly budget … if he is not doing all of those things then he is on the phone talking to a manufacturer, asking him where the parts (that were ordered over a year ago) are.

It seems like a never-ending bag of troubles, but at the same time you have to keep going and keep smiling and laughing. It is times like these that will bring out the facts, as to whether yoti are a top-flight operator, superintendent or manager.

Without problems, we wouldn’t even be needed. As impossible as it may seem, if we keep our bosses aware of the problems, as we try to solve them, and also try to stay ahead of the ordering of parts and equipment, because of the long delays, there is nothing else to do—just be happy.

Equipment and parts are moving up in price at a rate of two (2) percent per month; treatment-plant construction costs are going up at a rate of 10% per quarter; and as far as time of delivery of parts, well, chains for clarifiers are anything from 48 to 74 weeks; and electric motors are about one year,

So cool it! It will not get better for a long while, so smile!


We heard from our old buddy Bill Hooper of Seaside fame the other day; he is looking forward to getting back into the wastewater management field, so if you know of an opening for a grade IV operator give us a call here in Monterey and we will give you his address.

With the conversion of English to metric system upon us, we would like to suggest that you spend five (5) dollars and purchase a conversion kit, which is put out by Edmund Scientific Co, 150 Edscorp Building, Barrington New Jersey 08007.

The Kit includes a book, two tapes, rulers and a slide rule. Metric Conversion Kit, Stock number 71844. $5.

Welcome aboard Mr. William McDon­ald! That’s right, the Santa Cruz Wastewater Plant has a new Supervisor. Bill reported to work on December 16. We wish him lots of luck and success in his new position.

Bill comes from the Bay Area Section and was employed at the Milpitas Plant as superintendent, until it was closed down to extend the flow into the San Jose Plant. Bill has a good record in our field, starting at East Bay MUD, then Richmond, San Rafael, Milpitas and now Santa Cruz.

He has been very active in the certification program of the CWPCA, working with Joe Higares of San Leandro on that committee. Now maybe ,we can get some classes started at Cabrillo College in the near future. Welcome aboard!

The November meeting of the Monterey Bay Section CWPCA was held in Marina and was hosted by George Sullivan. (Sullivan .. . McDonald . .. the Irish are taking over.) The meeting and dinner were held at the Marina Post of the American Legion.

Guest speaker for the evening was William A. Huckabee of George S. Nolte, San Jose, Consulting Engineers. Bill gave us the rundown on the plans for the expansion of the Marina Treatment Plant.

There are requirements coming at us from all directions, and on all phases of our operation. By now you should know that your laboratory must conform to State Health Department requirements, not only in the areas of testing and testing techniques, but also in the areas of safety within the laboratory.

No agency can, accept your test results until your laboratory is certified, by the people of Nate Moskowitz’s office in Berkeley.

If you have any questions regarding the laboratory certification program, contact Nate, State Department of Public


Health, 2151 Berkeley Way, Berkeley 94704.

It should be mentioned that you should not purchase any laboratory equipment until you have checked with the Health Department in Berkeley, because results from some pieces of equipment will not be accepted, under this new program.

Also from the Water Quality Control Board … you will have to submit to them a plan of action, which you would follow, in case of a disaster—like, which way you would run! Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the difference between a disaster at the plant and a normal everyday operation, but we’ll try.

Speaking of elephants . . . scientists have for years wondered exactly where the sex organs of the elephant are located

. well, they have found that they are located on the bottom of his foot … because if he steps on you, you’re … well you have had it!

Living on the beach in Monterey, it is not easy to know whether it is summer or winter, or just what season of the year it is.

There are no trees to turn yellow, or red; there are no mountains to turn white with snow; but there is one thing that cannot be mistaken, with the return of winter, and that is the sign of seagulls at the treatment plant’s primary clarifiers.

Yes, they return to the clarifiers every winter, for food in the form of greases and ground-up organics—like salad, etc., from the many restaurants on the peninsula. As soon as their natural foods such as bait-fish and squid disappear, they come to the plants in the area seeking food.

It is not at all unique to Monterey Bay, for this same things occurs all over the world, along coastal communities, and it is a health problem. Stringing of wire across the tanks seems to work as well as any method, but it is not the answer.

Covered tanks may possibly be the best.

So don’t look now, but it is winter, for the birds have returned. We will all be glad to see them leave, in the spring.

We used to be able to locate the boil at the end of our outfall line (800 feet off the beach), but since we have produced a secondary effluent the seagulls that sat at its terminus, eating great, are gone.

We jokingly stated many years ago, that seagulls could be used as an indicator of pollution . .. but we were really not joking. Do you have seagulls at the end of your outfall? They are not there to keep warm!

Watch out for elephants. . . .

Monterey Bay Section Officers and Committee Members for 2016

President: Akin Babatola, ababatola@cityofsantacruz.com;

Vice President: Tram Nguyen; tram.nguyen@cityofwatsonville.org

Treasurer: Michael Reilly, sewerat10@aol.com

Secretary: Amanda Bird; abird@cityofsantacruz.com

Director: Troy Adams; tadams@scottsvalley.org

Director:Bradley Stoke;Bradley.stoke@cityofwatsonville.org

Director: Ralph Stevens: stevens@cawd.org

Member Services: Rachel Lather; Rachel@kestrel-inc.com

Collections  Chair: Daryl Lauer; lauer@cawd.org

TCP Chair: Bud Galipeaux; bud.galipeaux@santacruzcounty.us

Safety: Joe Gregory; joe@cawd.org

Past President: Sarah McBee; sarah.mcbee@santacruzcounty.us

We have a few committee positions open, they are P3S, O&M, Operator Training,

Laboratory. leadership Development[ was Supergroup] Students & Young Professiomals


Just a few updates from the CWEA Annual Convention.

Our Section has become more involved with CWEA Committee’s with Dary Lauer taking on the responsibility of being Vice Chair of the Collections committee and will be Chair in 2 years.

Ralph Stevens from CAWD is a new member and has volunteered to be Chairman of the O&M Committee. In case you don’t know it but this small committee has a large job in the awards system awards. some of which are going to be revamped in the coming years. [ I hope that the Mechcanical Technition application is one of them]

Akin Babatola, myself [Michael Reilly] and the NRC secretary Rachel lather attended the joint NRC/SRC Committee meeting. and as usual like the past 5 years the raising of Local Section dues came up, with a few sections wanting to raise the dues by as little as 50 cents. But like every other vote the larger sections voted not to raise them. so all the small sections are stuck with what we have for another year.

Just think if we raised it by one dollar we could donate mor to the Kirt Brooks Scholarship. one section donated nearly as much as we have in the bank and twice what our budget is.

Which at the present time is OK. and I am looking forward to see what our new President Akin and his Vice President Tram, come up with this year for training.

Plant of the year BBQ will be held at Scotts valley Treatment plant [Date to be set at the next Board Meeting.

2016 Board Members

The following are your Board members for 2016.

President; Akin Babitola

Vice President; Tram Nguyuen

Secretary; Amanda Bird

Treasurer; Michael Reilly

Directors; Troy Adams, Ralph Stevens

Membership; Rachel Lather

Collection Committee; Daryl Lauer

TCP Committee; Bud Galipeaux

Safety Committee; Joseph Gregory

Past President; Sarah McBee


CWEA and MONTEREY BAY SECTION Competent Person Trench Safety Seminar

                      2colorRGB  MontereyBay (2)               Competent Person/Trench Safety

October 30, 2014


Watsonville Treatment Plant Water Resource Center 500 Clear Water Ln. Watsonville,CA 95076

Registration: 7:30 – 8:00 am Class: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (6 Contact Hours)

Seminar Topic:

This 1-day course covers Cal/OSHA statistics, excavation standards, use of protective systems, soil analysis, timber and aluminum hydraulic shoring, tabulated data engineering, and competent person requirements. Students are to bring all company required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-hardhat, gloves, steel-toed shoes, etc. to class.

Jerry Bach                       Workplace Safety Center

For Reservations Contact:

Sarah McBee email at: sarah.mcbee@santacruzcounty.us

The cost of the workshop is $40.00 and includes lunch – No Refunds. Class size is

limited to 40 people.

Make checks payable to CWEA-MBS:

Payments will be taken at registration

If you have any questions call or email: Daryl Lauer 831-917-1426 or lauer@cawd.org

Pre-registration required by: 10/22/14

REMEMBER – a reservation is a commitment to pay.


Santa Cruz Area

 Hwy 1 S to Watsonville exit W Riverside; Right on Lee Rd; Left on W Beach St;

Left on Clearwater Ln, destination straight ahead

                                                  Monterey Area

Hwy 1 N to Watsonville Exit W Riverside Way; take first left and

go over the overpass; Right on Lee Rd; Left on W Beach St;

Left on Clearwater Ln, destination straight ahead




Updated September 2014 Newsletter

                                                                 Monterey Bay Section Newsletter


MontereyBay (2)

Hello fellow CWEA-MBS Members!

The MBS section has had an active summer.  Training sessions have included: a tour of the award winning City of Santa Cruz WWTP, certification test preparation course at the City of Watsonville and our Annual Golf Tournament.  It was great to see many of our members at each event and from varying parts of the section.  The Board is continuing to plan great events throughout the Fall.

I’m excited to announce that we are planning our Annual Awards Banquet! It will be held at: Bayonet Black Horse on February 6, 2014.  Below you will see the link for awards nominations.  I encourage EVERYONE to take a chance to look at the categories and help nominate someone who is striving for excellence in our industry.

With only a few more months left in my Presidency, I would like to encourage members to get involved!  We are always accepting nominations for the Board (which is open for all members to attend).  It is rewarding to be involved with fellow industry leaders around the Central Coast.  Please consider attending one of our Board meetings.  If you aren’t able to committee to the Board, we always welcome helping hands at our events.  Contact me if you are interested.

It has been an amazing year to serve this section!  Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and continuing participation!

Jackie McCloud

CWEA-MBS, President

Santa Cruz’s winning plant was one of the tours at AC 2014 along with the County of Santa Cruz D A Porath pump station at Lode Street. This tour was well attended, and I (Michael Reilly) received a lot of great feedback from those who were on the tour.

Nominations for this year’s awards to our immediate Past President, Michael Freitas at fr8tus@aol.com.  These are due in the first week of October so we strongly encourage you to submit applications for all disciplines that CWEA offers.  You can find the application and list of awards at:  http://www.cwea.org/mlr_member_awards_forms.shtml

If you need help please contact Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com; and he will try to help you.

Monterey Bay Section Sewerat Scramble Golf Tournament was held at the Club at Crazy Horse Ranch on August 23rd 2014. We had 60 participants and all had a great time.

The winners were Abrams, Abrams, Rosa and Martinez of Tesco. Second place went to Pedragon, Rubacalua and Castenada and Spare player from CM2Hill. Third place was Southern Wine and Spirits, Jay Mejia, Chappell, Contreras and Benivedaz.

Last Place (Dead Arse Last) was Darrel Varni, his wife and two daughters.

Longest Drive was won by J.R. Hernandez. Closest to the hole#16 was Brad Kyle and #2 was Eric Contreras.

Along with the trophy for first place were Sewerat Posters which are always well accepted and prized.

Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to playing next year?

I would like to thank our President Jackie McClould and V. President Sarah Mc Bee for their help and Doug Patterson for arranging the golf course, plus the Pro Shop for setting things up for the tournament.

Please support the following Vendors as they support our Golf Tournament and Awards Banquet:

3T Inc

HDR Engineering

Control Systems West


Corrosion Engineering

Siemens Controls and Electrical Equipment Sales

Buckles Smith

T&T Valve

Alexander / State Electric

Carollo Engineering

Dukes Root Control

Hornberger Engineering

Covello Group

  1. Varni Electric

TESCO Controls

Shape Inc.

Frietas & Frietas Engineering

CM2HM Hill Engineering

Class C Solutions

Electrical Distributers

Independent Electric

Seascape Golf Club

Endress+Hauser/ IPT/JSR Group

Southern Wine & Spirits

We had a new sponsor this year Zepada Motors of Gilroy.













We have Sewer Rat T Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts available for the following donation amounts: Tank Top for $10.00, T Shirts for $20.00, Sweatshirts Crew for $22.00 and Hooded Sweat Shirts for $25.00.  Contact Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com or (831) 251-5454 for more information. (Shipping is free)

The Monterey Bay Section Board consists of;

Michael Freitas, Immediate Past President

Jackie McCloud, President

Sarah McBee, Vice President

Michael Reilly, Treasurer

Amanda Bird, Secretary

Brad Stoke,   Director

Akin Babatola; Director

Rachél Lather, Director

Daryl Lauer, Director

Bud Galipeaux, Director & TCP Chair

We are accepting applications from anyone who wishes to become a Board Member. It does not take up much time and you will learn how the Section and CWEA operate. We meet once a month, usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays for about an hour. So if you wish just to come sit in and see how your Board operates let us know. All members are welcome to attend.



NOTE: if anyone who attended did not receive a Contact Hour certificate during this year please email Michael Reilly at sewerat10@aol.com with your name and address. Plus which meeting you attended.

Michael Reilly

Newsletter Editor

   Officers For 2014 Monterey Bay Section

Past-President: Michael Freitas         fr8tus@aol.com

President: Jackie McCloud          jackie.mccloud@cityofwatsonville.org

Vice-President: Sarah McBee            sarah.mcbee@santacruzcounty.us;

Treasurer: Michael Reilly                  sewerat10@aol.com;

Secretary: Amanda Bird                Amanda.Bird@ch2m.com;

Director: Bradley Stoke                         Bradley.stoke@citywatsonville.org;

Director:  Akin Babatola                  ababatola@cityofsantacruz.com ;

Director: Rachel Lather                 rachel.lather@santacruzcounty.us;

Director: Tram Nyguen                 tram.nyguen@cityofwatsonville.com;

Director/TCP Chair: Bud Galipeaux  bud.galipeaux@santacruzcounty.us:

Monterey Bay Section

2014 Committee Chairs & Reports


The CWEA MBS P3S Committee has met twice since the last sectional newsletter was produced. On September 2 the committee met in the Conference/Lunch Room of the County of Santa Cruz D A Porath pump station at 2750 Lode Street, Santa Cruz.

Each represented agency reviewed their challenges and information and specific institutional practices were shared to assist each other:

  1. Carmel’s dental permitting and control challenges were discussed and Amy provided some pointers from the experience with the County’s program and interactions with American Dental Association, which is reportedly active in both counties;
  2. Scotts Valley reviewed the challenge in the mapping required for the Phase II general permit for storm water monitoring. The City of Santa Cruz shared information about the mapped areas and the analytical and sampling plan, as well as field equipment available to loan
  3. The Committee resolved to jointly host the Annual Pollution Prevention Event with the City of Santa Cruz in the third/fourth week of September, however a location was not selected yet because of difficulties on the TV contract to cover the event. This year’s program will offer the Green Business Program a platform to launch the Green Wave Business Challenge kick-off.

Next meeting date will be determined from a doodle poll which Amy was tasked to generate.

Submitted by Akin Babatola, Chair CWEA MBS P3S Committee 2014.

CWEA TCP Committee Report – 2014-15

1. Committee: Technical Certification Program Executive Committee

  1. Period: 4.14 to 6.14

Chair: Michael Reilly

  1. Vice-Chair: Roy Reynolds
  2. Vice-Chair: Sam Rose
  3. North Liaison: Tim O’Connor
  4. South Liaison: Jim Langley
  5. Purpose: The Technical Certification Program Committee is a Standing Committee of the
  6. California Water Environment Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association, Board of Directors, hereinafter
  1. Referred to as the Board. The Committee was created to develop and implement a multilevel technical certification program for individuals employed in the wastewater field.

what was accomplished?

  1. Planning and execution of Mechanical Technology revalidation-
  1. The new tests area expected to launch on January 2015 and will include a new grade 1 test designed
    1. specifically for Mechanical Technology. We’ll be phasing out the Plant Maintenance grade 1 test but all valid PM 1 certifications will be not be affected by the phase out. There are 11 SMEs available to work on various parts of the revalidation project. As of today we are on track for the launch.
  1. Completion of Electrical/Instrumentation test revalidation-
  1. The new set of Electrical/Instrumentation tests launched October 2013. During the revalidation planning, the
    1. SMEs agreed to develop a brand new E/I grade 1 program designed specifically for the Electrical/Instrumentation technology.
  1. Environmental Compliance Inspector pass rate review and action-
    1. As we did for the CSM exams, we looked at the performance data of the new Environmental Compliance
  2. Inspector exams after it has been available for at least one year. This is common practice in the field of
    • assessment to ensure that the test is performing as expected. A group of ECI SMEs met and reviewed how
  3. each test form performed and discussed the pass rate to determine if a cut score adjustment is warranted.
  1. Resolved North Coast test site issue-
    1. Humboldt State University continues to serve as a test center for our North Coast candidates. Staff will monitor the test center and communicate any issues to candidates if any arise.
  1. Solution in progress for recent CORBs test site issue-
  1. A CORBS local section member made CWEA staff aware that candidates from the Coachella Valley area did
    1. not have a reliable test center available to them. Staff researched test site availability of the area and found

iii.      the claims to be true. A college was identified as a potential test site but they could not meet the minimum fee.

  1. The equipment requirements are set by Pearson VUE in order to become a third party center. Staff contacted

Pearson VUE and asked to waive the requirements that was preventing the College      to become a potential test center in which Pearson VUE agreed. This issue has now been resolved.

 3.Other Reports:

  1. The TCP Executive Committee has a full membership with the addition of Sam Rose as Vice Chair 2 (north) and Jim Langley as Liaison (south).
  1. With the advent of Computer Based Testing (TCB) there is a need to review both TCP’s Strategic Planning and Standing Rules as we move forward to twenty first century thinking and knowledge based assessments of where we want to go with certification.
  1. With the assistance of Local Section’s there is a need to re-establish a Local Section TCP Committee Chair or assign this position to a Local Section Director. This position will help establish communication between members and the TCP Executive Committee as to questions regarding testing and test questions.

Submitted By: Michael Reilly CWEA TCP Executive Committee Chair


Newsletter: Michael Reilly/MBS Board sewerat10@aol.com

Newsletter Editor: Rachél Lather, Sarah McBee/MBS Board rachel.lather@santacruzcounty.us;

NRC Delégate:Jackie McCloud Jackie.Mccloud@cityofwatsonville.com;

NRC Delégate: Sarah McBee          sarah.mcbee@santacruzcounty.us;

NRC Delegate At Large: Michael Reilly   sewerat10@aol.com;

P3S: Akin Babatola                     ababatola@cityofsantacruz.com;

Collections: Daryl Lauer                     lauer@cawd.org;

Rachel Lather          rachel.lather@santacruzcounty.us;

TCP: Bud Galipeaux                    bud.galipeaux@santacruzcounty.us;

Operator Training: Ed Waggoner

Safety: Jeff Hartley

History: Michael Reilly sewerat10@aol.com;

Jeff Hartley

We have the following vacancies for Committee Chairs

Engineering Research, Students and Young Professionals Operations & Maintenance, Public Outreach. Laboratory.

If anyone would like to volunteer please contact Jackie McCloud at jackie.mccloud@cityofwatsonville.com;

 MontereyBay (2)

 Monterey Bay Section

California Water Environment



California Water Environment Association

Background Info

The CWEA is a state level non-profit organization dedicated to the educational development of its members and dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the wastewater/water environment industry. The CWEA provides opportunities for professional growth through industry conferences, certifications, and legislation: it joins other professional associations, and recognizes professional accomplishment through awards for distinguished service. The CWEA is divided into 17 local sections to make administration and organization of the state more manageable. This allows for improved sharing and passing of information to local industry and communities.

Currently, the Monterey Bay Section of the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) is soliciting prospective members and others that may be interested in becoming members of the local section (MBS).

.Monterey Bay Section & Newsletter

The Monterey bay section (MBS) comprises one of the 17 local sections of the CWEA. The section covers a regional area encompassing Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito counties, plus the portion of Santa Clara County south of Coyote. The mission statement of the MBS is “to enhance the education and technology to protect the quality of our water resources and to promote the ecological balance with the environment’s other resources such as land and air.” The MBS accomplishes this goal through two main avenues. Regularly scheduled meetings (6/year) every other month between members within the section boundaries, and through publication of a newsletter.

By supporting our organization through membership, the MBS can provide you access to a large constituent base and wide regional area along with important state and local information, which shapes the wastewater industry. Included in the Newsletter are MBS meeting announcements. Each meeting features a guest speaker on varied topics of concern to the wastewater industry.

We look forward to hearing from you – Monterey Bay Section—CWEA